A Light House

We went to Omaezaki beach in Shizuoka today.

There was a light house designed by English guy  350years ago,

so it looks similar to british light houses.

Fishes and crabs!

The beach which I used to go when I was child was rocky beach

also it had beautiful sandy beach,

but today,we ware surprise there ware no sandy beach!!

It may sea level becomes higher than 25 years ago,

which makes me little bit  shocked!


Anyway children enjoyed the beach to find sea life,

they have got a lot of crabs and shells.


We had really good time with thier Grand dad and Grand mum ,

it must be a good memory for them.


Their dad will joining us very soon

so they will be happy as well  !!

I hope they will be keep enjoying  their holiday in Japan.

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